Work Comp Compliance

CT’s worker watchdog bites more contractors


Connecticut labor regulators say more than two dozen construction contractors were ordered to stop work for alleged misclassification of workers under state workers compensation rules.

The Connecticut Department of Labor’s Division of Wage and Workplace Standards says “Stop Work” orders were issued to 28 companies working at construction project sites in Greenwich, Danbury, Trumbull and Old Saybrook during the three-week period from Sept. 7-22.

Stop Work orders are levied against companies that misclassify workers as independent contractors with the intent of avoiding their obligations under federal and state employment laws covering such matters as workers’ compensation, unemployment taxes and payroll reporting, the agency said.

Stop Work orders result in the halting of all activity at a cited company’s worksite, as well as a $300 civil penalty for each day the company does not carry workers’ compensation coverage as required by law.

Companies cited were:

Sept. 7 at: 82 Mill Plain Rd., Danbury

  • All Granite & Marble Corp.

Sept. 8 at: 5065 Main St., Trumbull

  • Silva Stone & Tile LLC
  • Tony’s Tile Outlet Inc.
  • Triple 8 Construction

Sept. 8 at: 20 Deer Park Meadow Rd., Greenwich

  • MG Flynn Inc.
  • AM Carpentry LLC

Sept. 12 at: 355 W. Putnam Ave., Greenwich

  • Stars & Stripes Inc. d/b/a American Services Group

Sept. 12 at: 261 W. Putnam Ave., Greenwich

  • Vertex Steel Corp. d/b/a Mahan Steel Construction Corp.
  • Castle Ceramic Design
  • Castlevale Construction
  • Stucco Specialist
  • Construction Force Services Inc.

Sept. 15 at: 109 Byram Shore Rd., Greenwich

  • Burba Landscaping
  • Enrique Martinez Contracting Corp. d/b/a MNM Contracting Corp.

Sept. 21 at: Ferry Rd., Old Saybrook

  • Morin Concrete

Sept. 22 at: 22 Leeward Lane, Greenwich

  • Ram Construction LLC
  • Blueprint Carpentry Inc.
  • M&G Antonlino Masonry Inc.

Sept. 22 at: 547 Lake Ave., Greenwich

  • Miltown Masonry
  • Vika of Montebello

Sept. 22 at: 11 Island Lane, Greenwich

  • Trayner & Co. Ltd.
  • Fernando Muguerza
  • Plateau Painting
  • Marble Crafters
  • Alvarado Custom Cabinets
  • TG Construction
  • Custom Millwork Installers
  • Artisan Tile & Stone LLC

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