Work Comp Data

Recently, Zurich announced that is North American Commercial Accident and Health unit would start providing an alternative to Texas workers compensation coverage for employers opting out of coverage for the system.

Insurance Journal covered the release ( and some TX agent had a quick retort to fire back;

“Wow Zurich. You are not selling much WC in the state so you go the Occ Acc route. It will be interesting to see where they go with this. ”   – Agent

Whats probably not noted often is Zurich’s ownership of Farmers Insurance and their subsidiaries (Truck, etc.).

When we take a look at the Zurich book of business in TX we see the below story.

Zurich seems to really have a concentration in the Doctors, Dentists and Insurance Agent market but what stands out the most is that they write almost all of the Investment Offices in Texas….  Now what classifies a business as an “Investment Office” might be a big variable these days but at least they are writing them!


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