My favorite response to one of our FOIA requests comes from back in 1999 when William S. Taupier Jr., then “Keeper of the Records” for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Department of Industrial Accidents responds that to fulfill our request would cost $3,800,00.00 plus $0.50 per printed page – and take 4 years to complete

Its funny though that this response is from 1999 and hardly anything has changed.  The state still refuses to generate digital extracts of public records.   The only thing to have slightly changed though is that to generate an Access or SQL extract of this file takes even less time, about 60 seconds tops.

See below for the actual response from Mr. Taupier to our representation at the Office of the Secretary of the Commonwealth.

$3.8 Million ?

Moral of the story:  The information you might seek could be subject to release via open records law but if the state doesn’t want to give it to you…you aren’t going to get it. At least for less than a few million dollars.


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