NBA Eastern Conference Finals Game 7

Seeing that we’re all big Miami Heat fans here at the Risk Metrics office and in the spirit of tonight’s NBA Eastern Conference game 7 in Miami, I thought we would take a look at the lineup. Now, ESPN and TNT can handle covering the starting 5 for each team but lets dive a bit deeper into some insurance data. Below are the basics for both teams coming out of Risk Metrics’ newest ProspectBase product that should be out in full production soon.

Miami Heat


Indiana Pacers

We’re all looking forward to tonight’s game and hopefully a big game 7 win by the Heat. Additionally, we’re looking forward to sharing more information like this and the full release of ProspectBase over the next few months!

P.S. it looks like the real winner coming out of this match up is actually Chubb and their Federal Insurance Company program that appears to already count two of the best performing teams in the NBA as clients.

Stay tuned for the Finals!


About kmccarthy

Data geek and tech enthusiast intrigued by information and all that is 2.0. VP at insurance data firm - Risk Metrics. Laxer, lacky surfer, fisherman and cook. Happy Heat fan and an unfortunate Dolphins "Finatic".
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