Amazon AWS vs SSDNotes – SSD Nodes Rocks

So lately at Risk Metrics we have be developing for our cloud based offerings and API’s.

Amazon vs. SSD Nodes

SSD Nodes vs. Amazon AWS

Having read pretty much everywhere about Amazon’s amazing AWS we thought we would spin it up and give it a go.

Off we went, first simpleDB, then RDS, then a few RDS upgrades.

Its a little interesting that Amazon currently has 4 offerings;

  • Small
  • Large
  • X-Large
  • XX-Large

Wouldn’t you think that they would have a Medium?

Anyway, after spin up, throughput on some, if not all of our queries was taking too long and we started scratching our heads.  Changed some data structure…upgraded…reupgraded etc.

When queries continued to take upwards of 3 minutes we knew something else needed to be done.  Essentially we could go with multi nodes or begin to look elsewhere for database types.  Not wanting to change too much and before multi-multiplying our AWS pricing we looked elsewhere and after getting quotes from a number of players in the space that promised exponential reduction in processing time, we found SSDNodes.  (Front runner otherwise was Vertica but a was bit too much $$)

SSD Nodes allowed us to essentially run queries in 1/100th of the time of that which they were running on AWS.

In all fairness, Amazon isn’t yet pushing solid state drives but they did inform us that its on their road map.  AWS, when you get there, feel free to give us a call.

So, thanks SSD nodes, here is a good customer review for you!

P.S. don’t get bought by Amazon.

A few screenshots of query bench-marking below

SSD Lepton

SSD Preon
SSD Preon

Amazon AWS
Amazon AWS with thoughput at 195.00 seconds….lame


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  1. Ian Bussière says:

    An article posted only two weeks after this one that might interest you :

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